Top 5 Solar Panel Myths

With the rising popularity of having solar installed in your home, so do the myths and false information being spread surrounding them. From myths about cost to assumptions on design, we have combined and busted our top 5 to stop you from falling for this false information!

"They Don't Work In Winter"

 Solar panels work in sunny, cold, and even cloudy environments. The technologies of solar panels allow them to work effectively and efficiently and are even more effective in cooler temperatures than warmer ones. 

In fact, cloudy weather does not inhibit the efficiency of solar panels. They can be a viable source of electricity as they can still produce enough power. Even cold, sunny winter days generate a comparable level of electricity to what you would get from hot summer days.

"Solar Never Pays Back"

Wrong! Even before the energy crisis, the average payback period for a domestic solar PV system was 10-15 years. Since the increase in electricity prices, payback has shrunk to about 7-10 years. Energy crisis or not, payback is far shorter than the average 25+ year life that your panels should last.

As of now (2022), there has been no better time to invest in a solar panel installation. On top of this, the exemption from paying VAT will even reduce the payback period further!

Sleek Solar Panels on Home Roof

"Solar Panels Are Ugly"

In recent years, solar panels have become far more attractive. Most are now all black, sleek, and often installed flush with the roof. A great improvement from the silver and blue panels of the past! Additional skirting can also be installed to give your panels a cleaner finish.

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"You Need Planning Permission"

Most solar panel installations do not require planning permission, as they fall under permitted developments. Some exceptions may include flat roofs, ground mounts and large commercial systems.

If you are unsure, it is always best to check with your local authority if you require planning permission.

"You Don't Own Your Roof, If You Install Solar"

In the early days of solar subsidies, many companies offered to install solar panels for homeowners for free. In return, the companies could claim the Feed-in Tariff, in effect renting your roof. As subsidies fell, this wasn’t sustainable and many companies giving out the panels closed.

If you purchase your own solar panel installation outright, you face no such issues and are free to claim that sweet cash from selling your unused energy back to the grid… Sounds good to me!