Tiverton - Large Solar Inverter Installation

In January 2024, Unique Renewable Energy began a huge project aimed at addressing the challenges faced by a large solar farm site. The client sought assistance in resolving issues related to failing Danfoss inverters, which were affecting the site’s profitability and reliability. Unique Renewable Energy was tasked with conducting a comprehensive assessment, implementing a detailed upgrade plan, and installing new inverters to enhance the site’s performance.

The Initial Request

The client’s initial request was prompted by several pressing concerns. Firstly, they needed assistance in determining the site’s opening date, as well as addressing the growing number of failing Danfoss inverters. The presence of these failing inverters was significantly impacting the site’s profitability and reliability. To stop these losses and ensure operational continuity, the client opted to overhaul the site with a complete update, while salvaging the still-functioning units for deployment at other sites within their estate.

Services Provided by Unique

Unique Renewable Energy offered a comprehensive range of services to address the client’s needs. This included a detailed survey and implementation program, containing pre-site assessments and meticulous planning to streamline the upgrade process. Unique Renewable Energy also assumed responsibility for the installation of 122 Fronius inverters, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance.

Duration of the Service

The entire service, from initial assessment to full installation, spanned six weeks. This timeframe was crucial to meet to minimise disruption and ensure operational continuity, despite challenges such as adverse weather conditions and site access limitations.

Challenges Overcome

The project encountered several challenges, including difficult weather conditions and awkward site access. However, through planning and proactive problem-solving, Unique Renewable Energy successfully navigated these obstacles, ensuring the project’s timely completion without compromising quality or efficiency.

Ongoing Service or One-Time Application

While the project was a one-time upgrade, Unique Renewable Energy continues to provide ongoing support to the client, with the potential for future work at additional sites within the client’s estate. Furthermore, as a turnkey solution provider, Unique Renewable Energy extended its services to include CCTV and monitoring solutions for other sites within the client’s portfolio.

Customer Satisfaction

The client expressed complete satisfaction with the outcome of the project, noting the effectiveness of the solution in addressing their challenges. While no specific testimonial was provided, the client’s satisfaction is evident in their ongoing engagement with Unique Renewable Energy and their consideration of future projects with the company.

Why did the Customer Choose Unique?

The client’s decision to engage Unique Renewable Energy was influenced by several factors, including previous working relationships, support with existing solar farms, and the company’s strategic position in the South West, enabling efficient coverage of a large portion of the client’s estate. This combination of factors underscored Unique Renewable Energy’s reputation for reliability, expertise, and commitment to customer satisfaction.