Solar and Battery Storage

Renewable Energy

What Did The Client Want?
We were contacted by a homeowner who was doing an extension on his property and wanted to utilise the space on his roof and install solar PV panels. He was aware that the electricity costs were increasing and wanted the best options available to them to reduce their bills.

Why Us?
After using Unique to install his home security system, he was aware of our flexibility, knowledge, and reliability to give the best recommendations.

Following a design given to us by the architects, we were able to give an idea of what can be achieved including 3D modelling and estimated electrical generation to show household savings and return of investment. A site survey was then carried out to ensure the installation process could be as smooth as possible

Drove view of solar panel project

What Did We Do?
Working closely with the client and contractors at the property we were able to install the Solar Panels in a smooth and professional manner. This achieved minimal disruption to the build process and a quick installation time which resulted in a competitive quote for the client.

The Results.
Following the completion of the solar installation, the client achieved the goal of reducing his electrical consumption from his energy supplier without compromising the aesthetics of his home. Due to the successful installation, we are now providing a Battery Storage system for the Solar Panels which allows the client to store the energy generated and use it when required.