Salterns Way - Flat Roof Solar Installation

In September 2023, Unique Renewable Energy began a project, addressing the rising energy costs for a client. Facing significant increases in energy bills over recent years, the client sought a sustainable solution to reduce their energy expenses. Unique Renewable Energy was asked to implement a comprehensive renewable energy system, including flat roof solar installation and the integration of two cutting-edge batteries.

The Initial Request

The client’s primary concern was the escalating costs of energy. Eager to cut these expenses and embrace sustainable practices, they approached Unique Renewable Energy for a solution. The goal was to harness solar energy to power their property efficiently, minimising reliance on traditional utility sources.

Services Provided by Unique

Unique Renewable Energy provided a complete solution to the client’s energy needs. This included the installation of a flat roof solar system equipped with Trina panels, complemented by the integration a Tesla battery. This comprehensive setup aimed to maximise energy capture and storage, ensuring a reliable and sustainable power source for the client.

Products Used to Service the Client

  • SolarEdge Inverter: Chosen for its efficiency and advanced features, the SolarEdge inverter played a crucial role in converting solar energy into usable electricity for the client’s property.

  • Tesla Battery: The Tesla battery served as a robust energy storage solution, allowing the client to store excess solar energy generated during the day for use during periods of low sunlight or high energy demand.

  • Trina Solar Panels: Trina solar panels were selected for their proven efficiency and durability, ensuring optimal energy capture from the available sunlight

Duration of the Service

The entire project, from initial assessment to full installation, was completed within a swift timeframe of one week. This efficiency reflected Unique Renewable Energy’s commitment to delivering timely and effective solutions.

Challenges Overcome

Unique Renewable Energy navigated challenging weather conditions, particularly high winds prevalent near the coast. Despite these challenges, the installation was executed seamlessly.

Customer Satisfaction

The client was exceptionally satisfied with the outcome of the project. The implemented solution successfully addressed their energy cost concerns, providing a sustainable and efficient alternative. While no specific testimonial was provided, the client’s overall satisfaction served as a testament to the success of the renewable energy solution.

Why did the Customer Choose Unique?

The decision to choose Unique Renewable Energy was influenced by several factors. Being a local business, Unique’s proximity was appealing to the client. Additionally, the client had observed Unique’s previous work online, establishing confidence in the company’s expertise and reliability. This combination of local presence and a proven track record played a crucial role in the client’s decision to partner with Unique Renewable Energy for their renewable energy project.