Residential Air Source Heat Pump

What Did The Client Want?
Our customer required an energy-efficient system to provide heating and hot water for their property. Their existing system was obsolete which was leaving them vulnerable in the winter months. After contacting us, we advised them that they have an option to install an Air Source Heat Pump on their property which would include the latest technology.

Why Us?
The client contacted Unique from a recommendation, they wanted to deal with a company where they felt comfortable and reassured that they were getting the correct advice and product selection. After conducting a survey of the property, it was deemed a viable option and we conducted a heat loss calculation to size the correct Heat Pump for the property.

Once the system was sized, we offered several options to the client from different manufacturers, all with their own features and benefits.

What did we do?
Within days, a team of engineers attended the property to remove the existing system. Once this was removed, we then installed the new Heat Pump system. This included the outdoor unit, new cylinder in the airing cupboard and connections to the underfloor heating system. We installed the new system quickly to ensure that the client was not without heating or hot water for a long period.

The results
Upon completion the client was very happy with their new system. They now had reliability for years to come along with Wi-Fi integration allowing them to control and check the usage of the system and running costs remotely. This gave them peace of mind and confidence to switch from an older heating system to the new Heat Pump technology.